St. David Catholic Elementary School

Our School

St. David Catholic Elementary School is a Kindergarten to Grade 6 school located in the Flour Mill. St. David School opened in September 1944 at 350 Jean Street in “The Donovan”. At that time, it served “The Donovan” and “Little Britain” whose population was a microcosm of the Canadian mosaic. The population was comprised of Canadians of the following ethnic backgrounds: Croatian, Serbian, Italian, Polish, Ukrainian, Irish, French, Lithuanian and British. Today the multi-cultural flavour of the Donovan remains but the mix now includes First Nations and Metis families.

The first principal of St. David School was Sister Corona of the Sisters of St. Joseph. The school housed both French and English students. The original building is the centre part of the school at the Jean Street location. In 1950, an addition was made to the school. The first floor, which today houses the administration offices, was added. Later on the gymnasium, change rooms and washrooms were added.

The new St. David was built at 549 Frood Road and opened September 2013. Today the school has a student body that reflects the ethnic diversity of the community it serves. The geographic area St. David serves today has also been expanded to include the “Flour Mill” which is the centre of Sudbury’s Francophone population. It is also interesting to note St. David School population is now comprised of diverse backgrounds like First Nation and African Nation children. Ojibwe as a Second Language is offered as part of the curriculum to any students who opt for it – all are welcome.

Our Logo

The logo for St. David School is the Dragons!

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