* Please note that this list may combine current and previous school year staff until the first or second week of September. If clarification is required please contact the school.
Dawn-Marie Wemigwans Principal
Merrill Sanowar Vice Principal
Julie Hammond Secretary
Maria Cimino Grade 1
Lindsay Michel Grade 1
Cassandra Visentin Grade 1 & 2
Catherine Dore Grade 2
Lynsie Royer Grade 2 & 3
Terri-Lynn Lepage Grade 3
Stephanie Toffoli Grade 3 & 4
Ginny Cristo-Long Grade 4
Ashley Slonina Grade 4
Louis Mailloux Grade 4 & 5
Mathieu Giannotta Grade 5 & 6
Leo Mclaughlin Grade 6
Valerie Merotto Core French
Sandra Narduzzi Core French
Mandy Waugh Core French
Amanda Lefebvre Early Child Educator
Angela Ross Early Child Educator
Samantha Theriault Early Child Educator
Amy Frescura FDK to Grade 1
Jennifer Gran Full Day Kindergarten
Erika Scola Full Day Kindergarten
Dawn Fielding Native Studies
Jessica Daggett Prep Time
Mauro Di Cosmo Prep Time
Shelley Turner Prep Time
Nancy Costanzi Resource
Adriano Simonato Vision Resource
Mary-Lynn Black Educational Assistant
Kacey Jewers Educational Assistant
Nicole Labelle Educational Assistant
Eric Baillargeon Custodian
Adriana Cristo Lunch Room Supervisor
Louise Crowe Lunch Room Supervisor
Linda Stasiuk Lunch Room Supervisor
Wanda Vojtesek Lunch Room Supervisor
Shannon Bushie Lunch Room Supply
Cara Flynn Lunch Room Supply
Matthew Riccio Lunch Room Supply
Mason Tanti Lunch Room Supply
Jim Finlayson Supply Early Child Educator

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