Our Programs

At St. David School we believe that our community school is both a place and a set of partnerships between the school and other community resources. We have an integrated focus on academics, athletics, health and social services, youth and community development and community engagement. This focus leads us to improved student learning, stronger families and a healthier community. We believe in creating a friendly, welcoming environment - where everyone is equal and respected for their individual gifts. We believe in using the school as a hub, bringing together many partners to offer a range of supports and opportunities to children, youth, and families.

We operate the school with a core instructional program with qualified teachers, a challenging curriculum, and high standards and expectations for our students.

We believe our students are motivated and engaged in learning - both in school and in community settings, during and after school. We believe community engagement. Together with school efforts and community partnerships we work together to promote a school climate that is safe, supportive and respectful and that connects students to a broader learning community.

At St. David School we offer many diverse programs and opportunities:

Breakfast Program

Each and every school day, St. David School staff feed their students breakfast. We believe that all children have the right to a healthy breakfast.

School staff eat breakfast with the children each morning before the academic day begins. Breakfast starts each day at 8:50 and continues until 9 am. The program fosters a welcoming environment that is non-stigmatizing and encourages self-esteem and respect. The location of the program is safe, clean and comfortable. Measures are taken to ensure that students and their families are aware of the program. The breakfast program is universally accessible to all children in the school. Menus and programming are inclusive and consider cultural and religious food practices of our students and their families. This program is sponsored by the Breakfast Clubs of Canada, Better Beginnings Better Futures, the Kinsmen Club and Holy Trinity Men's Club.

Native Language / Core French option

All students have the option of choosing core French or the Native as a Second Language Program from grades 4-8.

Core French

The aims of Core French include:

  • basic communication skills
  • language knowledge
  • an appreciation of French culture in Canada and beyond

Our Core French program aims to expose students to more spoken French; core French curricula require students to use their linguistic and cultural knowledge to communicate in real-life situations. Learning activities include a balance of listening, speaking, reading and writing. In the beginning, our curriculum emphasizes listening and speaking and in later grades the emphasis on reading and writing increases.

Activities in core French prepare students for real-life communication. We integrate learning about Francophone culture, with an emphasis on French-speaking Canada. The program encourages students to think about ethnic diversity and stereotypes as well as includes student reflection on their learning, self- and peer-evaluation, and strategies to enrich learning and communication.

Ojibwe as a Second Language

The Native language program at St. David School is not intended exclusively for Native students from First Nation communities. The program is open to all students who want to learn a Native language and develop a better understanding of the culture of which that language forms part.
Non-Native students enrolled in Native language programs will enjoy the benefits of cross-cultural education. By learning about a culture that is different from their own, they will both expand and enrich their view of the world and gain a better understanding of their own culture. At the same time, they will develop a deeper appreciation of and respect for the identity and traditional values of others.

Elder in the School Program
White Buffalo Road Healing Lodge

Local Elder, Vince Pawis, works with St. David students and families interested in traditional healing, knowledge and understanding.

Vince, a traditional Elder from Shawanaga First Nation, has received many teachings which provide him strength and wisdom. His sharing of traditional Anishinaabe culture, provides knowledge, understanding and appreciation to all whom hear his message.

Vince is the owner/operator of the non profit organization, White Buffalo Road Healing Lodge. He has worked with Corrections Canada for over 13 years, providing traditional knowledge and building understanding. Vince works with the youth promoting pride and building bridges between the cultures.

He works with individual students, parents and families struggling with life choices and situations in which direction and / or support is needed. Vince also works with teachers and support staff to present a culturally relevant curriculum. He, on occasion, will also support school staff in dealing with stress and leading a healthy lifestyle. Vince shares an office with the school Native Language teacher, so is available during the school day.

School Preservation Program
Child and Family Center

The School Preservation Program is a collaboration between Sudbury Catholic Schools and the Child and Family Centre. The Program provides clinical intervention services within a multi-disciplinary process, by the Child and Family Centre to referred students. The Program assists students dealing with behavioral, emotional and/or social issues, with the goal of increasing their school performance.

Each child has an individual treatment plan, including strengths and weaknesses. These plans are prepared by the assigned clinician and they provide the basis for interventions at school.

Follow-up services are provided.

Admission criteria and process:

Any child from grades 1 to 8, with behavioral concerns. Parents can make a specific request for service with the Children's Community Network Sudbury (705-566-3416 or 1-877-272-4336). Each child accepted into the School Preservation Program satisfies the admission criteria for service as determined by the Child and Family Centre.

Best Start Aboriginal Hub

The Aboriginal Best Start Hub supports the Anishinabe culture, values, language, traditions, songs, and history. It also supports the integration of community interaction and celebrations. The Hub has many partnerships in the Aboriginal community bringing the knowledge, supports, and skills all sharing a common goal of supporting Aboriginal children and families with parenting programs and activities in a rich learning environment. A new calendar of programs is planned each month and shared with the school community. All families are welcome – both Native and non Native. Many events are planned in conjunction with the school and are co-facilitated by HUB and school staff.

After School Better B Kids
Better Beginnings Better Futures

The Sudbury Better Beginnings Better Futures' holistic model provides child-centered activities and community development in the Flour Mill / Donovan neighbourhood. The overarching goals and objectives of Better Beginnings Better Futures sites are:

To reduce the incidence of serious long-term emotional and behavioural problems in children.

To promote the optimal social, emotional, behavioural, physical and educational development in children.

Community Development:
To strengthen the ability of communities to respond effectively to the social and economic needs of children and their families.

Better Beginnings Better Futures run two after school free programs for grade JK – 8 students in the community. The run the Better B Kids program and the Smart Attack program. Better Beginnings also run a free summer program for community children.

Cambrian College
Laurentian University

St. David School teachers continue to work with Laurentian University's School of Education, School of Native Human Services and School of Social Work as well as Cambrian College's Department of Child and Youth Workers. The teachers and educational assistants accept students in their classrooms and programs as student teachers, student social workers and student child and youth workers. Mentorship, experience and a multidisciplinary approach to student success and overall well being are the main goals of these programs.

School Masses at Christ the King Parish (all Family Members Welcome) 

1. Friday December 8 (leave school at 11:30 AM)  Advent Mass
2. Thursday March 8  (leave school at 11:30 AM)  Lenten Mass
3. Friday May 4 (leave school at 11:30 AM)  Catholic Education Week Mass

Masses and Liturgies of the Word at St. David School

1. Friday October 6 at 9:30 am in the school gym - Thanksgiving Mass
2. Friday November 10 at 9:30 am in the school gym - Remembrance Day Liturgy of the Word 
3. Friday June 15 at 9:30am in the school gym - Year End Mass

In the month of December, Melody Henry will come and sing Christmas Carols

Monday December 4

9:30 am in the school gym

Monday December 11

9:30 am in the school gym

Monday December 18

9:30 am in the school gym

Deacon Roland Classroom Breakfast Visits                    

Monday September 25

9 am

Grade 1    Maria Cimino

Monday October 23

9 am

Grade 1/2

Monday December 18

9 am

Grade 2    Cathy Dore

Monday November 20

9 am

Grade 3    Lise McElree

Monday December 18

9 am

Grade 3/4 Terri Lynn Lepage

Monday January 22

9 am

Grade 3/4 Terri Lynn Lepage

Monday March 26

9 am

Grade 4   Majella Batchilder

Monday April 23

9 am

Grade 5   Mathieu Giannotta 

Wednesday May 23

9 am

Grade 6   Leo McLaughlin

June date TBA

9 am


**dates will include FDK classes and SK / 1 class


Father Jim Classroom Afternoon Visits

Wednesday October 11

1:30 pm


Wednesday November 8

1:30 pm


Wednesday December 6

1:30 pm

SK / 1

Wednesday January 10

1:30 pm

Grade 1

Wednesday February 7

1:30 pm

Grade 1/2

Wednesday March 7

1:30 pm

Grade 2

Wednesday April 11

1:30 pm

Grade 3

Wednesday May 9

1:30 pm

Grade  3/4

Wednesday June 6

1:30 pm

Grade 4


Love of Reading
Chapters / Indigio Book Grant

St. David's is one of 20 schools in the province receiving $75,000 worth of books from the Chapters Indigo Love of Reading Foundation.

Out of 210 applications handed in across Canada to receive the grant, only 20 were accepted. Among those, seven were Northern Ontario applicants, with St. David's being the only school accepted in Sudbury. With that, school officials will be able to supply every student with $100 for books every year, for the next three years. Currently we are in year two of a three year plan. St. David's is part of the adopt-a-school program.

St. David School Community Partnerships and After School Programs:

Men's Ball Hockey
Rockhaven Sports
White Buffalo Healing Lodge Traditional Women's Circle
White Buffalo Healing Lodge Traditional Men's Circle
St. Alberts Adult Education Ojibwe Language and Culture Program
Better Beginnings Better Futures Better "B" Kids After School Program and Summer Program
Better Beginnings Better Futures Art Attack After School Program
Best Start Aboriginal Hub
Child and Family Center – Preservation Program
St. Albert Adult Education


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