St. David School invites youth to talk about mental health

St. David kindergarten student, Ava Demefroff proudly displays the "Wolves United" sign after winning Sudbury Wolves tickets.

February 27, 2017 - After hearing about the United Way and Sudbury Wolves partnership to support youth in our community, St. David School students had the opportunity to meet "Howler" from the Sudbury Wolves. St. David School would like to thank the Sudbury Wolves and United Way for partnering to support the youth in our community and allowing the school to be a small part of such a worthwhile, innovative initiative. "The students at St. David School love the Sudbury Wolves and when they attach themselves to supporting youth in our community it makes us all proud", stated Maria Cimino, St. David School grade 1 teacher.

During the school visit, Sudbury Wolves tickets were given to kindergarten student Ava Demefroff and her family by Dario Zurich. Again thank you for your contribution to our community!



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