Pink Shirt Campaign at St. David School

Krystle Beausoleil, the Police Youth Safety Coordinator and St. David School grade 3 student, Mathew Tremblay sign the "pink shirt" to support Bully Awareness Week

November 14, 2016 - As part of the St. David School and Sudbury Police Services shared commitment for the well being and safety of our children, Krystle Beausoleil, the Police Youth Safety Coordinator attended St. David School. She delivered the message that is takes ‘courage to stand’ up against those who try to bully and hurt others. Her message focused on positive action and standing up for each other. Her message also focused on treating one other with respect and dignity, allas part of the ‘Pink Shirt Campaign’.

All students at St. David School will be standing together against bullying and will be signing the Sudbury Regional Police Services "Pink Shirt" to demonstrate our commitment to "stand up" together.



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