Bishop Damphousse Blesses Newly Constructed School in the Donovan

November 3, 2016 - Bishop Marcel Damphousse of the Diocese of Sault Ste Marie blessed the new St. David Catholic Elementary School, it's students, staff and community during the school's first mass of the year.

Students, parents, staff and members from Christ the King's CWL and Men's Club packed the school gymnasium to celebrate the first official school mass of the year. During the ceremony, the Bishop said the homily and blessed the students, parents and classroom crucifixes. He also went class to class to speak with students about their new school and the importance of having God in their lives.

The mass started with the sound of the drum and a light smudge to bring good feelings to the school and all who enter. Special thanks to community member, Lisa Cywink for her drumming and Elder, Ethel Fraser for the smudge.



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