Flat Stanley Visits St. David Catholic School

Mrs. Maria Cimino's grade 1 class at St. David School with special visitors "Flat Stanley" and Special Education Consultant, Christina Raso

May 5, 2016 - The Sudbury Catholic District School Board is supporting learning across the border. Mrs. Gardner’s first grade class at Scared Heart School in Lyndhurst, New Jersey read the book “Flat Stanley” by Jeff Brown. It is the story of a boy named Stanley Lambchop. In the story, one night, a bulletin board falls on him and flattens him in his sleep. Stanley lives through the ordeal and makes the best of his new "flatten" state. Stanley discovers that he can be folded up and mailed in an envelope to different places. Stanley visits his friend in California and has a great time.

In supporting the students at Sacred Heart School, in New Jersey, Mrs. Christina Raso, Special Education Consultant for Sudbury Catholic Schools received an envelope in the mail containing Flat Stanley. Mrs. Raso brought Flat Stanley around the city of Sudbury and to the grade one class at St. David Catholic School. Mrs. Cimino's grade one class read the story "Flat Stanley", then had the privilege to meet him. Mrs. Raso will soon be mailing "Flat Stanley" back to New Jersey with a journal of his activities while visiting the city of Sudbury, including visiting Mrs. Cimino's grade one class at St. David School. "It was really neat meeting Flat Stanley. He is really paper flat." stated Gary Card, grade one student.



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