St. David School Welcomes SWST Initiative

Picture: St. David School Vice Principal and Student Work Study Teacher, Megan Murphy working with grade 3/4 student McKayla McNichol

October 20, 2014 - The St. David Catholic Elementary School Student Work Study Teacher initiative is a Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat research program that is based in a collaborative relationship between the classroom teacher and the student work study teacher. The SWS teacher focuses on the student classroom experience and the student's ability to learn. This model of student support is responsive to student needs and supports classroom best practices.

St. David School's SWST initiative focuses on understanding student learning in the classroom and building knowledge of the classroom experience. Megan Murphy, St. David School student work study teacher and vice principal states, "The SWST role allows me to co-learn with the teacher and students. By sitting with students and listening to them as they learn, it makes the students' learning more visible. I am able to share this information with the teacher on a regular basis, and together we discuss effective strategies for student success. Together we all work to better support the students learning based directly on the students' voice".

"This year one of school improvement goals in mathematics is accountable talk. The SWST program helps us to develop our students as independent thinkers. It helps us to better inform our lessons and adapt to meet our students' needs. The students also see the adults in the school working together, having fun learning and supporting each other. It makes for a great learning environment at St. David's", says grade 2/3 classroom teacher, Shelley Turner.



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