Faith at St. David

The staff and students of St. David Catholic School maintain a strong relationship with Christ the King Parish. Our students attend mass once a month either at Christ the King Church or in the school's gymnasium.   Each class is responsible for organizing a mass during the school year.  Musical support for school masses is provided by Mrs. Janice Stoodley.  Thank you Mrs. Stoodley!




School Masses:

October 25  9:30 am in the school gym
November 11 9:30 am in the school gym (service)
December 2 12 pm at Christ the King Parish
May 2 12 pm at Christ the King Parish 

The school staff and students also maintain a close relationship with Deacon Roland, from Christ the King Church.  Deacon Roland visits the classrooms once a month and shares in morning breakfast with students enjoying causal conversations about each grade's "essential questions" and the value/virtue of the month.

Deacon Roland's visits are scheduled for:

September 26  Grade 3
October 17  Grade 1
November 21  Grade 2
December 12 FDK A
January 16  Grade 2/3
February 6  Grade 3/4
March 6  FDK B
April 10  Grade 4/5
May 8  Grade SK/1
June 12  Grade 5/6

Essential Questions:

Kindergarten: Where is God?
Grade1: Who is God?
Grade 2: How are we members of God's family?
Grade 3: How is the Holy Spirit?
Grade 4: What does Jesus ask of us?
Grade 5: How do we live in community?
Grade 6: How do we live in accordance with God's will?     

Values / Virtues of the Month:

September: Respect
October: Faith
November: Justice
December: Patience
January: Peace
February: Compassion
March: Honesty
April: Stewardship
May: Empathy
June: Forgiveness

St. David School is also thankful for the support and encouragement that the Men's Club from (Holy Trinity) Christ the King Parish has offered the students and their families over the years.  Members of the Men's Club, Mr. Cook and Mr. Timpano, also sit on the St. David School Parent Council as Parish Representatives. 

St. David Catholic School is grateful for their wonderfully supportive relationship with Christ the King Parish.  It is when we work together as a community, joining families with both the school and the church that we truly make a difference in our students' lives.


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